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If you are looking to purchase "The Ultimate Guide to Eclectus Parrots", we have made every effort to distribute the book in as many avenues as possible. We have worked to support all kinds of devices both Apple and non-Apple based. Below are the direct links to purchase the eBook based on the device you have. If you have any questions regarding the difference between the iPad version and ePub version, feel free to review our support page.

Apple iPad, iPad Mini or OSX

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Our book was originally developed and published for the iPad due to our ability to add specific layout formatting and an unlimited amount of photos and videos. Because of this, we recommend people purchase this version if you have an iPad, iPad Mini or Apple computer running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).


Apple iPhone or iPod Touch

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If you do not have an Apple iPad or iPad Mini, you can still purchase the ePub version of our book which you can read via Apple's iBooks app.



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The ePub version of our book is compatible with all versions of Android.



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In addition to our multi-touch iBook and ePub versions, we have also distributed a version for Amazon's Kindle reader.


Windows and Windows Mobile

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The ePub version of our book is compatible with any ePub reader software available for Windows desktop and Windows Mobile operating systems.