What people are saying

We have received an overwhelming response from our readers. Emails began pouring in within the first 24 hours of sale. We would like to thank those who contacted us and share a few of their comments with you.

Five Stars!

Informative reading I love how this book has been written. The authors knowledge has been placed into some wonderful real life stories not only giving you important information but in a format that makes you want to keep reading and learning more. This is a great book for anyone starting out with their first parrot or even if you have had one for a while. The information in this book is easy to understand, it's not full of jargon that new parrot owners don't understand. I've only had my eckie for just over one year and this is now my bible for many years to come.”


Five Stars!

Totally brilliant....Just about what everyone else has said. Just the most amazing parrot book I have ever read. It's fun to read, the way it has been put together with so much love and in depth. We are always learning about these amazing Parrots and it's great to learn beside this author. Can really tell that there Eclectus's are totally loved... Well done and thanks for putting it together for all us bird nuts...”


“Read the sample and just purchased it. This is the most exciting day of my bird training career no joke it is so incredibly hard to find accurate information on these lovely birds.”


Five Stars!

“Brilliance! Exciting, informative and beautifully done. Not just a guide but a journey into the minds of these purely intelligent animals.”

Five Stars!

“A wonderful guide for Eclectus Care. This book is a must have if you own an Eclectus. It is a very comprehensive, well written guide on caring for your bird. Any question you ever had is addressed here. Love the pictures, the videos and the humor.”

“It is utterly sensational”


“I got it and I must say I love it and think its well worth the $25”


“I just spent 2 1/2 hours reading your book!!!!!!
I have never looked at Mango and Blu so differently”


“Just bought it, it's a little amazing, I didn't know where to go first, the sound and movement in the book is eye opening. It will take me a while to go through it all”


Five Stars!

“This was hard to put down. Very well written and the images and videos are fantastic!!! A must for any parrot owner. Not just ekkies!!!”


“The book is amazing!! You both have done such a wonderful job - you should be incredibly proud of yourselves!!”

Five Stars!

“It's 2am, my girlfriend fast asleep with head on my lap and my Eccy boy Walter fast asleep on my arm. I'm 3 hours in on the most amazing adventure and enlightening read I have ever had the pleasure to read. So many emotions already! I have smiled, laughed, chuckled and even cried with the author through each and every step and I can't wait for more! A must for each and every bird owner.”


Five Stars!

“What an incredible, informative and entertaining read about all things parrot!!! So we'll written and designed its a must have for any parrot slave”


Five Stars!

“This is an excellent book. It's well written and gives you so much detail. I've had my eccy for 4 yrs and yet there is so much to learn. So grateful for a book like this. Love the videos too! Can't wait to read more”


Five Stars!

“What an amazing resource this book is! So easy to follow and extremely informative on all the stuff a first time owner needs to know”


“Fantastic. I can't put it down.”


“Best Eclectus Book ever!!!”


“Just amazing resource - just so slick and a joy to read.”

“I hope Kirsten N Jason Badham are very proud of the book as it is so good to see upto date info, well done”